Mayor Zimmer has been a passionate advocate for open space. Under her watch, Hoboken has added acres of new parks and renovated existing parks in all areas of the City.

She opened Pier C Park, rebuilt Sinatra Field, built 1600 Park, reconstructed Mama Johnson Field, collaborated with Hudson County to add recreation space under the 14th Street Viaduct, and broke ground on the new Southwest Park. She advanced a redevelopment project with 2 acres of open space with a public gymnasium at 7th & Jackson and successfully negotiated with BASF to acquire 6 acres of property in Northwest Hoboken for a new resiliency park. All new parks in Hoboken will be built to help alleviate flooding with underground storage tanks, which will have the capacity to store hundreds of thousands of gallons of stormwater during heavy rain events.

Her administration renovated Church Square Park, Elysian Park, Stevens Park and smaller pocket parks including Jefferson Street Park, Jackson Park, Madison Street Park, Legion Park, and the community garden. Under her watch, Hoboken built new batting cages at the Little League Field, rehabilitated the skate park, resurfaced the roller rink at the Multi Service Center, secured a grant for two new soccer mini-pitches, as well as a new winter skating rink under the 14th Street Viaduct.